If you live outside Lebanon, and would like to be our guest for an IVF Cycle at our center, it would be our pleasure to assist you from the minute you arrive to Lebanon. We will assist you prior to your arrival in choosing and reserving your accommodation as our center has arranged for special rates at two hotels nearby our center. In addition, we will be pleased to provide you with airport pickup to your residence of choice.

Our doctors and nurses will work together to develop a tailored treatment plan prior to your arrival, hence you will be able to begin your treatment plan in your country of residence should you wish to.

How? You will be able to communicate with our doctors in order to provide them with the required tests. Our doctors then will provide you with the treatment plan including medication prescriptions which you would be able to purchase locally. You will need to travel to Lebanon ONLY ONE WEEK prior to your surgery for the final phase to monitor your egg maturation and adjust the medication dose.During the local treatment period in your home country, a nurse will support you as required.

Choosing IVF Lebanon gives you access to the best minds in fertility treatment and the latest assisted reproduction technology. Moreover, you will receive your treatment in one of the most beautiful cities: Beirut.

The cost of your surgery varies upon many additional procedures, however is it estimated between You are most welcome to contact us by email or phone for further discussion about your specific case and to provide you with an estimation of the cost associated with your treatment.