At IVF Lebanon, we understand the greatest divine gift of children and its importance and influence in our lives.

We understand as well that each couple is unique in its medical history and personal desires.

Therefore, we tailor our treatments to meet those needs.

Accordingly, we offer the full range of infertility therapies with two objectives in mind: to minimize cost and stress on the patient while at the same time maximize pregnancy objective.

IVF Lebanon best recommendations to couples before and during their IVF cycle:

  • Psychological preparation with regards to emotion and stress associated with the infertility treatments. For example, anticipate the difficult questions from friends and family and be ready with answers.
  • Share your feelings with your spouse, friends, and IVF Lebanon staff.
  • Work on maintaining your self-esteem by doing things that make you feel good about yourself.
  • Achieve a proper Balance in your life between work, infertility treatment, social activities, exercise and relaxation.