NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! If you have attained your 40's and want to be a mother, IVF Lebanon provides you, thanks to the advancement in fertility technologies,

with significantly higher success opportunity compared to trying to get pregnant in a natural way. However, on the down side and in order to be transparent to our patients, it is naturally harder to get pregnant at such age and there is also a higher risk of miscarriage compared to younger women.

But we have good news for you! IVF Lebanon has succeeded in helping many patients aged above 40 years to give birth to long awaited children who now live happily with their families.

One of the myths of having children when mothers are above 40 years old is that women worry that giving birth at such ages would affect the physical and emotional health of their children.

On the contrary and based the first-hand experience we witness at IVF Lebanon, children conceived by older mothers do grow up as healthy as any other child, both on the physical and emotional levels.