Why IVF Lebanon?

IVF Lebanon is one of the leading IVF centers in Lebanon; we have expertise in the latest technologies and treatments in infertility.

IVF Lebanon elected a professional team including physicians, embryologist, midwives and administrative, dedicated into teamwork, integrity, honesty and confidentiality.

IVF Lebanon is led by Dr. Ziad Massaad, member in the American society for Reproductive Medicine who holds a proven track record of medical achievements and publications.

IVF Lebanon understands that Infertility is a very emotional time for the couple and their needs are special, but we strive for the end result of having a baby with this in mind.

IVF Lebanon also offers the compassion and support services that will help couples cope with the special emotional needs in dealing with fertility problems.

IVF Lebanon will be with you every step of the way …

Our Highlights